Disable Scrollbar in Page Viewer WebPart

Use a Content Editor WebPart instead with the following HTML:

<iframe name="Iframe" src="yourURL" scrolling="no"
FRAMEBORDER="0" style="width:100%; border:0;  height:100%; overflow:hidden;">

1. Add a Content Editor WebPart to the Page
2. Click “Edit WebPart”
3. In Ribbon Tab “Format Text” click “Edit Source”
4. Copy and paste the code above into the “Edit Source”-window and replace “yourURL” with the URL you want to be displayed in the WebPart. Set the size of the WebPart to your needs.

4 thoughts on “Disable Scrollbar in Page Viewer WebPart

  1. Unfortnately, you don’t show exactly “where to place this in the html code” and even after I tried several times in various parts of the content editors already existing code,..it does not display the site after saving the edit.

    You need to use the Page Viewer Webpart for this unfortunately.

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