SharePoint 30 minute Timeout for forms

I noticed that when you open a form in SharePoint and start to fill it out, SharePoint will time out that form after 30 minutes.

If you are filling out a form with a lot of data, or if you have to stop working on a form for a few minutes, this is very annoying because after 30 minutes all the work will be gone and you have to start filling the form all over again.

Here’s the solution:

PS> $SPSite = Get-SPSite("https://portal.lab.intern")
PS> $webApp = $SPSite.WebApplication
PS> $webApp.FormDigestSettings

Enabled Expires Timeout UpgradedPersistedProperties
——- ——- ——- —————————
True False 0:30:00 {}

PS> $webApp.FormDigestSettings.Timeout = New-TimeSpan -Hours 8
PS> $webApp.Update()

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