SharePoint Survey – Where People and Group field data is stored in database

In general survey data is saved in SQLs AllUserData Table in the Content Database. But the data for a “people and group” field is not. This data is stored in the AllUserDataJunctions table.
You can use the following SQL statement to get the People for a survey list with title “MySurvey”. You should also filter the result by FieldID, if you have more than one people and group field:

FROM [SP230_Inhalt_Inet].[dbo].[AllUserDataJunctions]
Join [SP230_Inhalt_Inet].dbo.AllUserData on AllUserData.tp_DocId = AllUserDataJunctions.tp_DocId
Join [SP230_Inhalt_Inet].dbo.AllLists on AllLists.tp_ID = [AllUserDataJunctions].tp_SourceListId
Where tp_Title = 'MySurvey'

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