Nintex Workflow Activity Template for Visual Studio

Nintex offers some project templates for Visual Studio. One for an activity and one for an action adapter. You can download them from Nintex SDK: Installing and using Visual Studio templates.

I installed and used them to develop a new activity. After creating a new solution with adapter and activity using Namespaces you get a bunch of errors.
My Namespace is “AtiaNuur.NintexWorkflows”. Here are my steps to setup und correct the two projects:

  • Create new Project of type Nintex Adapter
    • Name “AtiaNuur.NintexWorkflows.HelloWorld”
    • Solution HelloWorld
  • Set SolutionId in package to new Guid (Nintex creates allways the same SolutionId)
  • Add Project of Type Nintex Activity using Name “AtiaNuur.NintexWorkflows.HelloWorldActivity”
    • Change default Namespace to “AtiaNurr.NintexWorkflows.HelloWorld
  • In File AtiaNuur.NintexWorkflows.HelloWorldActivity.cs
    • remove Namespace in class Name
    • Also remove Namespace in PropertyDependencies
    • Remove ‘Activity’ from namespace

The File AtiaNuur.NintexWorkflows.HelloWorldActivity.cs should look like this now:

  • In AtiaNuur.NintexWorkflows.HelloWorldDialog.aspx.cs
    • Remove namespace in classname
  • In AtiaNuur.NintexWorkflows.HelloWorldDialog.aspx
    • Shorten Filename
    • Set new filename in NWAFile
    • Set new filename in .aspx prefix tags
    • Remove duplivate namespace in tag Page
  • Add new EmptyElement “NWAFile”
    • Delete Element.xml
    • Move *.nwa file into EmptyElement
    • Set DeploymentType to ElementFile
  • In .nwa File
    • Set Name, Category and Description
    • <ActivityType>AtiaNuur.NintexWorkflows.HelloWorld.HelloWorldActivity</ActivityType> insert Activity classname
    • <ActivityAssembly>AtiaNuur.NintexWorkflows.HelloWorldActivity, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=529ebf25b8a73f63</ActivityAssembly> get your own full filename using ILSpy
    • Remove duplicated Namespace in AdapterType
    • Correct icon filenames
    • Correct ConfigurationDialogUrl
  • In package > Advanced
    • Add Activity Assembly
  • In File “AtiaNuur.NintexWorkflows.HelloWorldAdapter.cs”
  • Create Feature according to
    • Add Event Receiver
    • Change NWAFile Name and Path
    • Change Adapter Class Name

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